Emily Black

Coder • Gamer • Thinker


Born in 1995, I was fortunate enough to grow up with the rapid changes in technology. I got to witness the end of some technologies and the advent of other technologies. The first computer language I learned was HTML - back when MySpace was a thing and you could customize profiles by embedding HTML. This happened at the age of 12. After buffing up a bit on HTML in high school, my first year of college unfolded and Java was the second computer language I learned. Ever since then, I've considered myself devoted to computer science. ❤

Some of my favorite hobbies besides coding include: studying Latin, looking at cute Shiba Inu pictures, gaming and reviewing games. I'm also a Discord partner, and currently manage and run a review page with over a quarter of a million followers.


Relevant coursework: Programming Structures and Abstractions (Java), Computer Organization (Assembly), Data Structures (C++), Introduction to Operating Systems (C), Principles of Programming Languages (Racket/Python), Database Management Systems (Java/SQL/PLSQL), Software Engineering I/II (JavaScript/MongoDB), Advanced Database Management (PostgreSQL), Artificial Intelligence (Python)

Side projects, as well as all school projects, can be found here.